Marketplace Seller Terms and Conditions

* All marketplace sellers must agree to these terms and conditions in order to sell on Melamit Marketplace.

Responsibilities of the Marketplace Seller

  1. Accurate listing: The Marketplace Seller agrees to accurately list all Items information and descriptions including, but not limited to, the proper categorization of international and local editions. Seller can contact the merchant (Melamit) if they require a new category to be listed for approval through email. The Marketplace Seller will make note of any differences regarding content, quality, shipping, bulk order, invoices, licenses and or anything required by law to be registered, mentioned or mentioned. The Marketplace Seller also will not misrepresent any item or details or any other information with the intent of misleading buyers other than what they are searching for.
  2. Ownership of items: The Marketplace Seller warrants that the Marketplace Seller the legal owner of all items listed in the Marketplace Seller’s inventory.
  3. Checking for new orders: It is the marketplace seller’s responsibility to login and verify whether or not new orders were received. Reliance solely on automated order notifications and order files does not eclipse the seller’s responsibility to login and verify the receipt of new orders.
  4. Order confirmation: Orders will be confirmed no later than 2 business days (excluding holidays) from the time they are placed. Orders that are not confirmed within this time frame are subject to cancellation at Melamit Marketplace’s discretion. It is the Marketplace Seller’s responsibility to log in to their account and verify that each order has been confirmed within 2 business days regardless of the method you use for confirming orders, or the order will be cancelled. If a special circumstance arise, the seller is responsible to notify all customs and order of the special circumstances requiring more fulfilment days. Repeated neglect regarding order confirmation could result in account suspension until the problem is resolved. In extreme cases, account termination could result.
  5. Order processing: The quick and accurate fulfilment of orders is required within 2 business days of order confirmation. Marketplace Sellers are required to log in to their accounts every day to check for new orders. The minimum requirement for order processing is the fulfilment of 85% of orders placed.
  6. Cancellations: Orders that cannot be fulfilled must be cancelled within 2 business days. A refund must be issued immediately to customers who have had their orders cancelled. An excessive amount of cancellations may result in account suspension until any issues are resolved. Sellers are required to notify the merchant (Melamit) about cancellation and refund or any confrontations with customers.
  7. Returns: Marketplace sellers are required to accept returns melamit return policies unless special circumstance requires a different approach.. Any buyer who returns a book due to an error on the Marketplace Seller’s part (i.e., wrong item, faulty packaging resulting in damage or loss, item not as described, item shipped past deadline, etc.) shall not be charged shipping, handling, or restocking fees and will be issued a full refund. However, modest restocking fees no greater than 15% of item cost may be charged when the reason for return is no fault of the Marketplace Seller (i.e., buyer changed his or her mind, buyer ordered incorrect item, description, options, quantity, etc.) Marketplace Sellers may not assess additional shipping charges for the original shipment of the order. Credits are $2.99 or $5.49 of the original shipping charge. Marketplace Sellers may not impose additional shipping fees for the original shipping charge if an order is returned. Buyers must request permission to return an item within 14 calendar days from its order and the Marketplace Seller must respond within 2 business days of the request. Any fees deemed excessive by Melamit Marketplace may be charged back to the Marketplace Seller and a refund in part or whole given to the buyer. The maximum restocking fee permitted is 15% of item cost. Since refunds cannot be given above the original purchase amount, Marketplace Sellers must provide a prepaid shipping label for returns that are the result of the Marketplace Seller error or forfeit the item. Marketplace sellers may not under any circumstances ask for or coordinate payments or credits outside of the Melamit Marketplace. Customer return requests are considered valid when first contact is made within 30 days of the order date.
  8. Return rate: The return rate is calculated by dividing the number of returns by the total number of orders placed. Excessively high return rates could negatively impact a Marketplace Seller’s account status. The target return rate for all Marketplace Sellers is less than 12%. Marketplace Sellers that have a significantly higher return rate than 12% may face account suspension or other corrective actions.
  9. Responsiveness to buyers and Melamit Marketplace: The Marketplace Seller is expected to answer all pre-purchase and post-purchase buyer inquiries in a timely manner (within 48 business hours) and resolve all issues to the best of his or her ability. Additionally, the Marketplace Seller agrees to answer all communication from Melamit Marketplace within 2 business days to remain in good standing with Melamit Marketplace. Failure to do so could result in account suspension or other actions.
  10. Communication requirements: All sellers are required to list a valid customer service email. In addition, all sellers must include a valid phone number. The phone number will not be shared with customers, it is for use by Melamit Marketplace only. All communication with buyers and Melamit Marketplace staff is expected to be professional and courteous. Any disrespectful remarks to customers and/or Melamit Marketplace staff will be taken seriously and may result in a refund/cancellation of an order, account suspension, or other action.
  11. Feedback: Any manipulation of feedback is prohibited. Any replies to comments left must be respectfully crafted in a professional tone. Any attempt to bribe a customer to leave positive feedback will result in an immediate suspension and possible termination of your account. Absolutely no personally identifiable information may be posted. This includes, but is not limited to customer’s name, address, other contact information, as well as order number or other identifying data. Violations may result in account suspension and payments held for 120 days. Melamit Marketplace has the final word regarding feedback and any resulting actions.
  12. Drop shipping: Drop shipping is authorized on Melamit Marketplace and action taken will be at the sole discretion of Melamit Marketplace to prevent unaccepted drop shipping orders and Marketplace Seller accounts that drop ship orders.
  13. Valid credit card or payment method: A valid credit card or payment processing method is a prerequisite for participation on the Melamit Marketplace Marketplace. Credit cards are used to settle debts such as those resulting from refunds exceeding sales in a billing cycle. Accounts with expired or invalid cards may have one or more actions taken as described in Consequences for Non-performance.

Consequences for non-performance

Violations of the policies above may result in any or all of the following actions:

  1. Listing cancellation
  2. Temporary account suspension
  3. Account termination
  4. Limits on account privileges
  5. Account balance adjustment
  6. Loss of Marketplace Seller privileges
  7. Referral to law enforcement
  8. Withholding of pending payments until issues are resolved. Payments may be withheld for up to 120 days if your account is permanently suspended. This is to make sure all pending returns, refunds, and chargebacks are addressed before payment is issued and adjustments are made to your account.

Prohibited items

The following items cannot be sold on Melamit Marketplace:

  1. Pornography. All items of an adult-themed nature are prohibited.
  2. Illegal or stolen items. This includes items obtained unlawfully as well as items that violate U.S. copyright laws.
  3. Any item without an ISBN, SKU, or identification number
  4. Advanced reading copies or uncorrected proofs.
  5. Counterfeit, pirated, scanned, or knockoff versions of items and other services.
  6. Defective and/or misprinted items
  7. items that are missing pages, have torn/missing parts, or are otherwise damaged.
  8. Anything That requires a special License to sell or distribute.
  9. Any Item that does not meet Melamit Marketplace ( policies and regulations.

Marketplace Seller performance

Customer service is the highest priority for Melamit Marketplace and we expect the same to be true for all Marketplace Sellers on our marketplace. It is the Marketplace Seller’s responsibility to accurately identify items through product category and clear description, quickly and accurately confirm orders, ship items in a timely fashion as outlined in these guidelines, and resolve customer issues in a courteous and professional manner. Failure to adhere to the highest standards for customer service and efficient fulfilment may lead to a Marketplace Seller’s suspension pending the resolution of any issues.

Marketplace Seller payments

We offer several payment options for Marketplace Sellers:

  • Check (by mail)
  • PayPal (Deposited into any PayPal account)
  • ACH (Direct Deposit available to US bank accounts)

Please be advised that sellers switching from ACH or check to PayPal may have to wait an additional 2 weeks for payment to be made.

Chargebacks and Marketplace Seller responsibility

Marketplace Sellers are responsible for all chargebacks related to non-delivery, quality of goods, or shipment of an incorrect item. Marketplace Sellers will be held responsible for any chargeback where the Marketplace Seller fails to respond to any and all information requests, or if the response is insufficient to fight the chargeback. Marketplace Sellers will be held responsible for the amount of the order (including shipping costs), as well as all fees assessed by the bank for the issuance of the chargeback. These fees are not assessed nor covered by Melamit Marketplace and are the Marketplace Seller’s responsibility. It is the Marketplace Seller’s responsibility to ensure delivery of the item or issue a refund when one is due; to accurately represent the item for sale; and to ensure shipment of the correct item. If a chargeback is issued and covered by the issuer’s protection policy, you will not be held responsible for the monetary amount. However, all chargebacks are closely monitored. A high number of chargebacks for your Marketplace Seller account will result in further action by Melamit Marketplace.


  1. Melamit Marketplace will make every effort to contact the Marketplace Seller prior to taking action for violations of Marketplace Seller terms and conditions.
  2. Customer information, including email address, may only be used in the context of fulfilling orders on Melamit Marketplace. Use of any customer information for purposes outside of Melamit Marketplace’s order fulfilment is strictly forbidden.
  3. Other violations of Marketplace Seller terms and conditions include:
  • Listing inaccurate or incorrect item information or item descriptions (including sources and ownership) resulting in the misrepresentation of inventory
  • Failure to deliver an item for which payment was accepted
  • Non-shipment of orders within two days of processing unless specified otherwise in advance for both the marketplace or the customer
  • Failure to respond to all customer inquiries pre- and post-order
  • Non-response to Melamit Marketplace Customer Care staff inquiries
  • Unclear pricing; descriptions include instructions to contact Marketplace Seller for pricing details or to negotiate a price
  • Cancelling an order on Melamit Marketplace and redirecting a customer to pay you via PayPal or any other means
  • The redirection of orders in any manner, including but not limited to having a customer reship an order to another customer
  • Stating that returns are permitted, and then telling customers they must wait until another buyer is found
  • Not offering a refund for incorrectly described products
  • Not offering a refund for orders that were shipped past the posted guidelines
  • Listing stolen items
  • Threatening or abusive language or attempts to intimidate Melamit Marketplace’s staff, fellow Marketplace Sellers, or buyers
  • Inclusion of personal or political commentary that may be considered defamatory in book descriptions
  • Attempting to bribe a customer with benefits in exchange for positive feedback or other similar actions
  • Attempting to delay or avoid customer return requests beyond 30 days to justify non-compliance of Marketplace Seller responsibilities
  1. Melamit Marketplace reserves the right to make final decisions regarding disputes for all orders that occur on the marketplace.
  2. Attempting to defraud or mislead by masking billing location, shipping location, name, identity, or by other methods will result in account closure and forfeiture of all pending payments.

Payment withholding

Melamit reserves the right to delay initiating a Payment Transaction transfer to a Seller’s Account (regardless of method of payment) pending an investigation if Melamit, in our sole discretion, believes the buyer or the seller may have breached this Participation Agreement. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Participation Agreement, if Melamit determines, in its sole discretion, that the seller has breached this Participation Agreement, Melamit may refuse to transfer any Payment Transactions to the seller and may instead maintain such amount in a trust account or may return such amount to the buyer. Melamit will not be liable to a seller if Melamit acts in this manner.


Melamit, in its sole discretion, may terminate this Participation Agreement, access to our Web Site or the Services, or any sales or purchases or offers for same, immediately and without notice, for any reason (including but not limited to repeat infringements). Although Melamit reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, access to our Web Site or the Services at any time for any reason, you agree that Melamit may treat you as a repeat infringer if Melamit receives more than 3 notifications of alleged legally improper behaviour.