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Throughout these years, the African suit has modernized to adapt to current fashion trends. Nowadays, African dresses come in multiple prints, patterns, prints, designs, and styles. Every African clothing style has its own genuine look and identity.

African clothing is unique and functional, and there are different styles of wearing traditional African suits. The designs reflect the cultural diversity of different nations. Some of the most popular styles of African clothing include-

  1. African dashiki suit

A dashiki suit is a colorful piece of clothing covering a person's whole body. The suit comes in 2 pieces set worn by both men and women. The suit is worn on multiple occasions, including weddings and festivities.

  1. African print suit

An African print suit is another traditional African dress worn by African people. The suit is similar to any formal suit but comes with African prints and designs. They are unique due to the use of asymmetric prints and embroidery. The suit is suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

  1. Boubou

A boubou is a kind of Dashiki generally paired up with matching pants and a long robe to cover the dress. The dress comes in different styles and colors and can be put on for any occasion. 

  1. Yoruba

It is a four-piece dress consisting of a hat, a Buba, embroidered trousers, and a flowing Agbada. The dress is generally worn at weddings and other traditional festivals and occasions.

How to style up African dresses and accessories?

You can use multiple hoodies, jewelry, scarves, caps, hats, and other accessories, which have been designed to complement traditional African wear. The purpose can be achieved by using unique suede shoes and loafers for men, and women can go for trendy and stylish heels. They can also go for a beaded neckpiece and studded earrings of contrasting colors for an elegant look.

You can use Kufi- a traditional West African hat and Gele- a headscarf or head tie for a more touch-up. A colorful garment like a wrapper can be draped over any piece of African clothing. You can choose from several designs and patterns depending on formal and informal occasions.

What are the different styles of traditional African clothing?

  1. Animal Prints

Animal prints are among the most popular prints we can see in African clothing, especially cheetah and zebra prints. The dresses designed with animal prints look great when worn with bright color accessories.

  1. Brocade

Most African dresses and garments are stitched with embroidery called "Brocade ." The brocade work is used to decorate particular cloth parts, like the neckline, hem, and sleeve ends. It is generally done using golden thread to add richness and shine to the dress. It is famous for evening dresses and formal wear.

  1. Ankara patterns

The term "Ankara" is used to describe a style of dressing and clothing that prints traditional Afro-centric designs, colors, and patterns on cotton with the help of wax-based procedures. Most of the African clothing is printed and designed with Ankara printing.  

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