AU COVID-19 Response Fund |

About the Fund

The African Union COVID-19 Response Fund aims to raise resources to strengthen the continental response to COVID-19 by e.g. supporting pool procurement of diagnostics and other medical commodities by Africa CDC for distribution to the Member States, and mitigating the pandemic’s socio-economic and humanitarian impact on African populations. All entities and individuals can contribute to the fund provided that the objectives and purpose of these are not inconsistent with the purpose and objectives of the Union. 

How will funds be used?

1. The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse the socio-economic advancements made by Africa in the last 30 years as the pandemic proves to be more severe on the socio-economic well-being of populations in Africa. Therefore, money raised through the Fund will be used to implement measures to mitigate the socio-economic and humanitarian impact of COVID-19 in Africa.

2. Boost the capacity of the Africa CDC to support response to public health emergencies across the continent. Africa CDC was created to support efforts by the Member States to prepare for and respond to public health threats across the continent. Part of this fund will be used to boost the capacity of Africa CDC to fully play its role as a continental public health institution as stated in its statute.

3. Support the procurement and distribution of essential COVID-19 medical equipment and supplies and mobilize rapid response by the Member States. This Fund will support pool procurement of diagnostics and other medical commodities by Africa CDC for distribution to the 55 Member States, and to support the deployment of one million community workers and community healthcare workers to support contact tracing.

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